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'It is a requirement that you accept the GDRP terms on subscribing to the Birthday Club. If you do not accept, we are unable to collect your data and therefore unable to send you our Birthday Club promotion'

Birthdays are something to celebrate with family and friends, so take this opportunity to feel special with some Birthday treats at Jimmy’s Killer prawns. Sharing your special day has never been easier, just register for our Birthday Club and you will get a voucher via mail a few weeks before your birthday. You may use your voucher either a week before or a week after your birthday. Please book early and tell us it’s your birthday, we really would like to make the day special or you.

We have a wide range of meals for you and your guests; from seafood, to salads and grills, never mind our delectable desserts. There is certainly something for everyone including the kiddies.

Of course you may ask what you get for your Special day.

The birthday person will receive:

  • Platter for One or any other main course to the equivalent value or a discount to the equivalent value if they were to order a more expensive main course.
  • The birthday person will receive a complimentary birthday dessert from Jimmy’s Killer Prawns.
  • A Complimentary Jug of cool drink.
  • The table will be set up for you with coloured overlays, birthday serviettes and decorations free of charge.

PLEASE NOTE: Each Birthday person must register under their own unique email address, as the system can only send one voucher per email address. Please feel free to share this Birthday club special with friends and family, using their own email address.

We can’t wait to share in your special day, please book well ahead of time to so we can put your Birthday plan together.

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