Thoughts of a Killer Prawn – Episode 1


July 4, 2019

Having always been fascinated by the sea it was natural that when I got into the restaurant industry I would focus on seafood. The more I learned about seafood more interested I became in the nutritional value and, now especially, the sustainability of this wonderful resource that we have been blessed with.

As we get to understand more about ourselves we begin to realize that the saying “We Are What We Eat” is really true. As individuals (and Killer Prawn) we need to have a diet that supplies our bodies with an enormous number of minerals, vitamins, micro nutrients etc. All types of seafood are really rich in these and a real bonus is that seafood is exceptionally low calorie, for those who need to watch their waistline.

There’s no doubt that seafood is a vital protein with plenty of brain-boosting, heart-loving, inflammation-busting nutrients. The latest dietary guidelines recommend eating at least two to three servings or 250 to 350 grams of seafood each week (as a Killer Prawn we need to consume much less then this).

Mankind (not a Killer Prawn) is in the process of destroying the amazing seafood resource that we have through global warming and pollution. Plastic being dumped into our seas is creating a serious problem for the entire oceanic eco system (including us Killer Prawns) Humans are responsible for producing 300 million tons of plastic each year, half of which is used only once, then discarded. Of the millions of tons of plastic produced each year, only a fraction of it ever finds its way to a recycling plant. It is estimated that by 2045 there will be more plastic then fish in the sea. This has many serious consequences which we will be discussing in this series.

If we wish for our children and grandchildren to enjoy and benefit from this wonderful resource we ALL need to make an effort and do our part to ensure that that pollution and plastic consumption is vastly reduced.

On a brighter note, in this series I will also be discussing and giving amazing seafood ideas and recipes from all over the world. In my travels I have been lucky to experience exciting flavours, meet exceptional chefs and cooks and in my restaurants conjure up and create exciting taste combinations.

The focus of my food preparation is to strongly accentuate the flavour of the product being prepared rather than masking it with strong flavours that hide the natural taste of the product.

It will make me extremely happy to know that I have contributed to you increasing your consumption of seafood and therefore your health. Remember, “We Are What We Eat”

Jimmy Killer Prawn

Please watch WWF Video on Plastic Pollution in our Oceans